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Parental PermissionParental Permission  

All online digital tools accessed by students, under the direction and supervision of your child's teacher, are listed here.   Although all online digital tools have been thoroughly vetted by Fairfax County Public Schools for use across the county, to meet the individual terms of service of each site as well as met all legal requirements for parental consent, please print, sign and return the signed permission slip to your child’s teacher.

Parental permission slip for student online resource access:  Parent Permission Slip

List of digital tools that require parental permission:  List of Online Resources

PTA Event- Social Media for Tech Savvy Families

Below you will see the recording from our PTA Sponsored Event, held on January 26th, 2022. At this event the PTA gathered a panel of school staff (technology coach, school counselor, school psychologist, and county experts) and parents. This group was brought together to share their experiences in dealing with social media issues and to educate the community on up and coming trends. Additionally they shared things that parents/caregivers may want watch out for as students start to get on social media.  The slides from the presentation can be downloaded by clicking here

Digital Citizenship Resources

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Link to Four Part Series on Parenting in a Digital Age:

 List of all four titles and associated resources mentioned in the video

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