Cheryl Bamdad

Cheryl Bamdad

Grades 4-6 Teacher, ES

Cheryl Bamdad, Second Grade Teacher

Cheryl Bamdad is CRS’s longest tenured teacher.  During her 29 years at the school, Ms. Bamdad has worked with four principals and has taught first, second and fifth grades – including a first-second combo and has been the mathematics lead for 25 years.  She considers the advent of the internet the biggest change in education and is proud to be the first 2nd grade teacher who implemented 1:1 computer use in the classroom.  Ms. Bamdad is the monarch butterfly expert at CRS and has even been known to stop by the side of the road to pick wild milkweed to feed the caterpillars.

Ms. Bamdad’s teaching career began at her former elementary school in her home town of New Hartford, New York.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from SUNY Geneseo, a Master of Science in Education with a Math Concentration from SUNY Cortland and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership in Math from George Mason University.  Before deciding on a career in education, Ms. Bamdad was a checkout supervisor at Kmart and worked at a bakery, making her a donut snob who will only eat fresh donuts. 

Outside of school, Ms. Bamdad enjoys traveling not only to visit family in Colorado and Myrtle Beach, but to spend time skiing, hiking and camping in the mountains.  Ms. Bamdad’s daughter,  got a great start at Churchill and is now a senior at Langley HS, about to go off to college. 

We are happy that Ms. Bamdad has been such an integral part of Churchill for the past decades.  Oh what stories she must have… 

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